I have always waged a war against belief. What one would lief or desire to be true. Belief is unforgiving, it means you are convinced in one particular truth and you ignore everything which isn’t a part of that world view. Belief is trained in often ignoring the truth in face of your desire. Belief needs a conviction, a will, a blindness, driving it ahead of everything else. To people who believe, any rational argument against their belief is meaningless, it only strengthens their belief.

Faith on the other hand, is open ended. It is just an unreserved opening of the mind. You don’t have faiths in particular truths, faith is towards whatever turns out to be true, regardless. Faith is a belief in some people in particular, and the universe in general. So when you have say you have faith, all it means is a conviction that whatever happens, happened because in the larger scheme of things, it couldn’t have been any other way.

Belief clings. Faith lets go.

Faith is totally compatible with science. Quantum theory postulates the theory of multiple universes. Belief says only the universe exists in which my truth is true, and shuts the door on all other universes, including the actual true universe. Faith on the other hand, gallops along all possible pathways, plunging into the unknown, open-hearted, joyous, without giving a fuck about where its going. However, faith may be a burden to carry if you are a subject of it, which is why it is always prudent to pretend it doesn’t exist, so that a feather on the back of your neck doesn’t seem like a strangling rope tied to stone.

I have never believed.

But. Even when up against any sort of cynicism, or skepticism, my faith is unshakeable.

It always will be.