The facts are indisputable.

Canis majoris, located in the constellation Canis Major is equivalent to 2600 suns. The sun is nothing special, just an ordinary star in a gargantuan universe.

It is not even the brightest.

Even among the stars we can see in the night sky, Sirius has a 1.4 link modify, 1 being that of the sun. Let us not even talk of Betleguese and Regel and Albadaran my favourite star. What? Don’t people have a favourite star, a favourite constellation? Don’t when they feel lonely they go and stare at the belt of Orion and imagine the hunter or strain their neck upwards to gaze at the immortal 7 sisters or the Pleiades? Don’t they know their summer sky from their winter sky?

But I digress.

The sun is not even the hottest star in the universe. Eta carinae, that blue hypergiant of a star 7500 light years away from the sun, has a surface temperature of 40000 Kelvin, whereas the sun has a measly temperature of 5600 Kelvin.

It is not even the most efficient star in the universe. Rigel is just doubly hot but has 40000 more luminous than the sun.

It may seem so everyday but sun isn’t even essential for life. There are non carbon based life forms deep in the ocean vents where the sunlight never reaches where they feed on sulphuric acid. Life is just different without the sun but it does exist, it is possible.

There’s nothing at all special about the sun. It is average. Ordinary. Nonessential for life.

Repeat after me.

The sun is also just a star.

Find a new star everyday which is in one way or the other better than the sun.

And keep repeating.

Till you believe it.

It won’t take long.

The sun is just another star.

There are billion others.

That’s the gospel truth.

Come on.

Believe it.