Dante, in his Inferno, while describing the 9 circles of hell, makes an interesting observation.

He calls the first circle of Hell limbo.

Here reside the pagans and the virtuous non-believers who live life according to their principles but do not choose Christ. It is a really pleasant place to live in compared to the 8 circles of hell that shall follow. Dante calls it the land of the guiltless damned. I like this phrase a lot, you see a lot of people living virtuously but not really living, that phrase sums up the life of so many people. Guiltless Damned. Those who reside in Limbo are content, happy but they have no clue what they are missing out on, their pursuit of happiness does not include joy. It is not a bad place to live in since they are blissfully unaware.

Dante calls it a sort of deficient form of heaven. Something like earth and our modern lives. Depth of pleasure does not deepen enough to depth of feeling and depth of feeling never progresses to depth of expression.

We could call it Eh-ven instead of Heaven.

Ehven + 1 = Heaven.