The elf-queen of Lothlorien, that mythical land where the people are as old and as wise as the land and the grass itself, the Lady of the Wood, Galadriel makes elf cakes for Frodo and the company when they embark on their longest and the toughest journey to destroy the one ring to rule them all. These are no ordinary cakes, they remain unspoiled for days if the leaf wrapping is kept intact. And most importantly, a single nibble or a bite is enough to sustain a traveller through an entire day of rigorous and gruelling journey.

They are called lembas. To each traveller, they taste different, not by much but subtly, depending upon not what it is but who they are.

Some people are like those mythical lembas. A tiny morsel of time spent with them is sufficient to nourish you through a long long journey. That’s all you can hope for, tiny morsels that lift up the spirit and give a fillip through the blood coursing through your veins.

That moment, it seems like you are in the inside of a story, a fantastical tale, full of adventure and life and laughter.

You can dream, that one day, just a tiny day, you will feel like you are inside not only of a story, but a song.

A song only you can hear.

And if you are blessed, maybe, just maybe they can too.