I do not know when we humans decided to attach guilt as a default feeling for everything we truly enjoy.

Guilt associated with food.

Guilt with sex. Guilt for desiring sex. Pursuing sex. Denying sex.

Guilt with money. Guilt for taking too much money. Guilt for not taking enough money. Guilt for earning too much when there’s poverty all around you. Guilt for earning too little when the world is going places.

Guilt with work. Guilt with working too hard. Guilt with not working hard enough.

Guilt with holidaying too much. Or too little.

Guilt for high self esteem. Guilt for acknowledging our own strengths and flaunting them. Guilt for low self esteem.

Guilt for feeling the truest feeling known to mankind. Guilt for confessing it. Guilt for hiding it. Guilt for rejecting it. Guilt for acknowledging it.

And the worse of them all. Guilt for not loving people enough.

Since when did guilt become the default setting of mankind?