Can you dilute a person the way you dilute a drug?

Pour his essence into a test tube, divide it among ten, fill the rest with water, take one tube out of that, throw the rest away and start the process all over again?

Finally you could package the person into tiny little sugar pills to be consumed as needed, without any side effects of his anger, his lust, his rough edges all sawn off and then polished with sandpaper.

Leave a shine and a glitter where once there was a human being, passion beyond redemption.

If an intense raging fire burns and scorches and scars, don’t douse it to dark embers.

Instead, roll all the fire into a piece of paper which you shall keep at just an optimum distance from your lips. Smoldering at will, but no longer burning.

A spark, now more smoke than light.

Utterly at your command. Switching on and off just that tiny little bit, otherwise latent, impotent.

And do not forget to call it culture or propriety or society.

Murder when it goes by the name of euthanasia doesn’t sound that bad, does it?