When the entire packing was done, I suddenly remembered something.

“I’ll be back in ten, I said”

I rushed to the chemist and bought a pack of 10 condoms. Sneaked it in the room and handed it to her – “Put it somewhere in the check-in baggage, we dont want to get embarrassed during the security check.”

Arrey itne saaro ki kya zaroorat hai.

Ek le le bahot ho gaya.

“Pagal hai kya? Atleast 3-4 lagenge ek week mein. Holiday pe jaa rahe hain, abhi se bol deta hoon”

But she knows us better than i do. Only 1 was required. 1 intense fun session which hopefully i shall write about, but just 1.

When we return to india, she sends me a link to a newspaper article –

“Happily married couples require sex just once a week, survey says.”

So now her knowledge is backed by (albeit flimsy) evidence.

I lay down my weapons. And accept my fate.

1 is still greater than 0.