I got around 12 valentines day WhatsApp messages. None from my wife, we don’t celebrate it except by teasing each other to hell drinking some wine and fucking the hell out of each other. I do get her a rose but that’s it. We have not told each other I love you in a year or maybe more but I doubt we have loved each other and made each other laugh and partied with each other any more than we do now. Valentine day is never about love. It’s always about sex. Everything else, the dinner and the flowers and the candlelights and the dressing up and the balloons is just foreplay.. Some get it, some remain happy with the thought of getting it due to all this foreplay, encashing the cheque later, others rejoice that pornhub premium is free for a day. We put on VR glasses and oculus vr on one person and alternately watch vr porn while the other does what he/she wants with your body. Except that. That is a given. One would think a nation of 1.2 billion would get that v-day is about the v and not about love. But I digress. The messages are generic most of the time.

1 was cute and kind and personal and direct, not a jpeg but words. Jpeg is like pizza while a personal message in words is like a lovingly cooked meal.

The other 11 were pizzas and stale garlic breads with weird toppings. Those brand pictures of some dental clinic or another – each spinning the day into something it isn’t. One wrote your teeth are your best Valentine. The other wrote love your teeth like you love your wife. Most people are either indifferent to such messages, some are even appreciative but generic branding on personal days always reminds me just how much has marketing pervaded every corner of our lives.

Everyone is a brand now. Inhuman. Flawless.

Everyone and everything is a product.