People with large hearts don’t necessarily have vast minds. And there are some who do not have either large hearts or vast minds, it’s as genetic as being beautiful or ugly – Gilbert calls it winning or losing the cortical lottery.

You can take it as a curse that limits you. Or you can take it as fuel that propels you. All that you can decide is whether it will limit you or not.

Being a vast mind living between a few who cannot see far and do not believe anyone can, and along with someone who cannot see far but believes and trusts you can, pushing pushing pushing against constant friction gaining inches in quicksand isn’t not just possible, it’s doable and its exhilerating. You’ve been doing it and you will continue to do it.

Pull them up or get pushed down. It isn’t a battle, there are never any battles in modern lives because black and white do not exist and neither does grey. It isn’t a battle so you will never feel victorious or succumb to defeat.

It’s just a long long walk. Who gives a fuck whether it’s a strut or a gallop?

And on the way, whenever you come across a wall, and you always do, you can either bang your head against it or you can take a jar of paint and turn it into wall art. The way will still be blocked but the view will be something you can live with. You have always outlasted walls.

But it needn’t be bloody, it can be beautiful.