Over time I’ve started realising that one of the biggest virtues is indifference.

It’s what separates the men from the boys.

Indifference not in the definition of laziness or lack of enthusiasm.

But in the form of its more ancient meaning, stoicism.

Yet I shall prefer the word indifference instead of stoicism. Maybe stoicism involves some fortitude and grace and integrity.

Indifference involves a different mental state. More selective in nature. Let’s say stoicism is a state of mind towards life in general whereas indifference is specific to things and people. You start by shining an intense light towards everything and then you start dimming it one by one where it was misplaced in the first place. You keep a few things dimly lit but you realise that burning wasn’t necessary, a tiny kindle of your being is all that is required.

Indifference is an active act. You cannot be indifferent to something you never cared about in the first place.

By it’s very definition, it’s an act of giving up.