They fucked before they saw each other. Before they said a single word.

It was dark and not yet dawn when he made it to her bed after many days. She was sleeping peacefully when he snuggled in next to her, out of instinct she cuddled him and pulled him closer.

They pretended to fall asleep for five minutes, his arm under her neck and both facing the rotating ceiling fan, each thinking it would be too soon. His first thought was god her skin is so warm to touch isn’t it? But he was tired and sleepy and he didn’t want a fuck but he wanted to feel skin on skin so he turned her towards him and started kissing her neck while his hand started feeling her marble back. To his surprise the ubiquitous and annoying bra strap was absent for once. Hands got freedom and breaths became intermingled wordlessly with the surreal absence of kisses or tongues. It was as if both were fumbling to rediscover something which had been denied to them for a while. Not love, not passion, just a tremendous comfort in each other’s skin, a touch a sense of smell and a feeling of belonging that couldn’t happen anywhere else. Like a hidden act performed in caves when language wasn’t discovered and thought and the fact that lovemaking need be fulfilling or climactic or requiring patience and communication or wild passion had not yet been fully understood – when life was simple and all it needed was man on woman her legs spread apart toes pointing to the ceiling accompanied prehistoric moans of not even pleasure, just.

The room suddenly felt very hot and he rediscovered being simply a man – capable of simple behaviour not needing any higher senses or maybe needing the highest of them all.

They went on and on not having even greeted each other or spoken a single word in agony or in ecstasy or demand or question – no are you did you should I nothing.

There it was. The antidote to loneliness.

There it was. Belonging.

He didn’t know when he dressed or when he fell asleep.

Hours later, for the first time, in the surrender of light, he saw her face and heard her first words.

Good morning dear. I missed you.