When we talk of the laws of physics governing the universe, we often forget that there are two laws – the quantum theory which explains the very small and the theory of relativity which explains everything that we can see, an electron and above right upto but not including the black hole where all laws break down. 

Both theories are mutually incompatible – yet when together, they explain the universe and why everything is. 

The invisible line where the two laws meet is the Planck Length, which is the shortest length to which an atom can be split. Attempting to split an atom to a size smaller than planck length will create black holes, thus completing a circularity which makes no sense. 

Space and time themselves cease to have meaning at Planck Length, reduced to just concepts, sounds produced by your throat and mine. 

All laws cease to make sense at Planck Length. 

Will you, just you, meet me there once?