It was terrible. All three times. It hurt like fuck and I felt so cheap afterwards. I don’t think I get turned on at all – I don’t think sex is for me. I just indulge them, I love it when they go crazy looking at me naked as if all their dreams have come true. What a pathetic dream to have, isn’t it? To see a single woman you desire naked. That’s the extent of their ambition in life. 

Three times? You talk as if you have had a zillion encounters, but it’s just three. Were they same men or different men? 

Two with the same one. One with another – he was married. Yes. Just three encounters where I have had actual sex. 

And? Foreplay? 

What do you mean? 

How many men have you kissed in toto? 


And how many men have seen you naked? 

5. 5 or 6.

Wow. I have seen one woman naked in my life. And I am 37. I wish I had the luck to explore women the way you have had at 23.

You have missed nothing. All sexual encounters are just the same. They get so turned on when I take just my top off, they start breathing and touching and groping as if they are emraan hashmi on tv and I am supposed to get instantly turned on. The other men who I have let in and see me – I make the classic no sex before marriage bahana – give them a pathetic hand job and let them tick me off their bucket list. Doesn’t even hurt or bother me. 

Haha. Yes it’s true. I think I shall nickname you candy. Men can’t wait to finish it. 

I will kill you if you do that. You are the only man who doesn’t get horny the moment you talk to me. 

Don’t they come to know you aren’t enjoying it? 

How will they? I make the perfect faces and noises on cue. 

Hahaha the same way I make perfect faces and noises on cue when you say I am the only man who doesn’t get horny the moment you talk to me. 

You? Horny? I will burst out laughing now. I can’t imagine you horny or naked with me. Eeks. Shut up. 

No I am not making a pass at you. If I wanted to, I wouldn’t use cues – I will be straight and direct. 

Like? Try it. Who knows I may not laugh. 

I am married remember? Besides, sex isn’t about sex all the time. It’s about relaxation, it’s about euphoria. It’s about stopping thinking. It isn’t necessary to be horny to enjoy it. In fact it’s the opposite. A man can only make a woman orgasm properly when he himself isn’t turned on. Which is why the best sex is between a younger man and an older woman. A woman who knows what works for her. 

No sex ever but I could surely do with some relaxation. 

We were sitting on a couch and I didn’t realize when in this conversation she had turned around with her back facing me and stretched her legs on its armrest. Almost resting my shoulder. My hands were playing with her long tresses. 

I turned around a bit and my hands involuntarily started rubbing her shoulders. I could feel the strain on her body when I touched her and almost expected her to get up and sulk away or get mad at me. 

I didn’t stop. I kept on. Rubbing and massaging her shoulders. 

I could see her muscles and sinews slowly relaxing when she realised i had nothing else in mind. 

Slowly she sank in my lap, her head resting on my knees. 

I started massaging her temple now. Her temple and her neck, in slow fluid motions but with firm pressure. 

Her eyes involuntarily closed. 

I kept at it. 

I don’t know how long a time passed. I was very careful as to not make it sexual at all. But I couldn’t deny I was horny as fuck. It would be wrong, i would go to hell for it, i’d probably lose her friendship too and my wife’s trust whether she knew it or not – these things work in strange ways. But to get to fuck the most beautiful 23 year old I had seen was worth it. 

I was going ahead of myself. 

She opened her eyes. 

What’s wrong? Don’t stop. I am enjoying it. 

With that she turned around, her head buried in between my knees, perilously close to my now throbbing cock. 

She pretended nothing was wrong and so did i. I now started massaging her back. My hands started straying further and further down, almost to her waist. 

Ouch. It tickles. You pervert

But she didn’t stop me. She turned around again. 

Was it a cue? 

I never would know until I tried to find out. 

My hands slowly started exploring her neck. Her collarbone. Inching gently downwards. What a contrast it was. Dark dark hands against fair glassy skin. Her neck was stretched and she seemed to be made of wax. I was worried I might leave a strain. But as soon as I got near her nipples, she opened her eyes. 

Gosh I am almost sleepy. Don’t entertain any thoughts of sex, you idiot. Just enjoy the moment. 

With that, she turned around the couch, stretched her legs across mine on the arm rest and lay her head on the other arm rest.

Eyes closed. 

I kept on massaging her feet. The closest to me were her knees and everything that lay above them. The most erogenous zone of a woman. Heaven. 

She was wearing a sort of a flimsy palazzo. Not transparent, but really thin cloth which could be easily pushed up. I started from her shins, working gradually upwards pushing the palazzo along. Knees. Thighs.

Her legs now spread wider. 

Take it off. I whispered. 

Wordlessly, she complied. 

Purple lace flimsy panties. I would have imagined her wearing something like this a zillion times, this was the first time I actually saw attractive as fuck soft white thighs. 

White against purple against black. 

My heart was beating really fast now as my hands got really close to the prize. I worked myself inside of her thighs. 

This was the moment. I pressed my fingers against her slit expecting her hands to stop me. 

Her hand lay over mine – firmly. But didn’t stop me. It just guided me to the sweet spot. I pushed her panties aside, and started working my fingers around her pussy and her clit. Her pussy was bare, a thin strip of pubic hair vertically extending towards her pubis. 

I could hear soft moans. Maybe she was faking but who gave a fuck now. I bent over and spread her lips apart. And gently started licking while maintaining firm pressure on her clit.

She was wet. She was turned on. No doubt about it. I could slide my finger in if I moved away my tongue and she welcomed it. Two. She welcomed them too. I could feel her pussy clam tight around my finger while I licked her clit. It wouldn’t be long now. 

But I wanted her to come while I ate her. I have never had that feeling, a woman coming while I ate her, or me coming while a woman had my dick in her mouth. I wanted it so bad. I slowly teased my finger out and my tongue in again. And then my finger again. 

She was moaning now. Loudly. I might not even be there for what she cared. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes while she squirmed against me, forcing my fingers deeper, tense, until she gradually slumped against the couch and relaxed. 

The question now remained, would I get some action too?