There’s a move when you solve the rubik’s cube called the sexy move. It goes RUR’U’ and if you keep doing this same move over and over again in a solved cube, you end up with a solved cube again. 

But a person isn’t a solved cube. It takes ages to start from scratch if you are a particularly disordered cube, it takes decades to even recognize that all your pieces are right where they shouldn’t be. 

And you can’t do it alone. Someone helps you form the first cross. The first cross is the key. Then the first layer has always to be done intuitively. Align the corners one by one with the edges. It takes years to figure out that certain pieces of you can only move together, and when you were matching only colours, you were leaving yourself worse than before. It isn’t pick and choose, that’s a first lesson you will learn on your own. 

The decades spent after you master the first layer of the cube are the toughest. Only 2 more layers to go, but every move which should ideally bring you closer to solving the second layer spoils the first. This isn’t me. No I don’t have to do this. Why did I have to do this? Can I start all over again? No I can’t. Why not? 

Most people struggle and end up just memorising the algorithms to establish a sense of order. They are left with a neat clean paved road of self which they habitually walk everyday. But there are no flowers on this road. There are travels but when did they last go on a journey? 

Some just keep making moves slowly aligning edge to edge, happy at seeing things move along, if only sporadically. They can’t see the roadblocks or dead ends ahead, and if they can, it doesn’t really bother or stop them. They conclude that that’s what life is, it is heroic to struggle, they wear the struggle on their sleeves and boast that nothing ever comes easily to them. 

And then someone comes along and performs the sexy move on them. RUR’U’. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again. 

Slowly the pieces start clicking in place. Very slowly but there’s a surety to the moves which wasn’t ever there before. The edge to edge the corner to corner alignment doesn’t seem to be a chore anymore. There’s an inversion which is difficult to explain, only be seen. 

Give it a spin. A hard spin. And start over. You know the sexy move now.