Sometimes you think clearest after sex. When you are so done or your partner is so done, and after that magnificent feeling of blank which I call a momentary death. Its one of the most valuable moments in life, but when it is over, sometimes you are a blank slate and can think utterly clearly, because you are just a brain, your dick and your heart and your already clogged conscious brain – all are asleep.

I had that moment yesterday when I got thinking that it is impossible for a single man to satisfy a woman, any woman, when she has been completely and totally aroused. However long you try to last, it will always be too soon. However hard and fast you go, however pleasurable might it be for her, its only starting to explore the limits of her being when it generally ends. Only occasionally does it happen that the woman is so done, that she says, STOP. It isn’t that it doesn’t happen, it does, sometimes really frequently in clusters, and then it doesn’t. Especially if you have given her an orgasm before the main act, or brought her to the brink of one, its likely she will want you to finish early, to reach the so-called holy grail of sex when both partners climax simultaneously.

It doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible for a single man to bring a woman to multiple orgasms through other means, which, for the sake of decency and propriety, we will say – means outside of the main act. It is possible for a man to bring a woman to multiple orgasms with breaks in between, like the sets of tennis, for recuperation. But that would involve the woman cooling down in between, so for the purpose of this topic, if we follow the tennis nomenclature, it would mean a new set. One orgasm, one game. Many games, one set. Also, its often interesting for me when I pose this question to my partner – she sometimes replies – “I don’t know whether I came or not, but don’t stop.” So it could mean like a single sustained bout of pleasure, unlike a climax for men – which cannot be broken into discreet games like one orgasm, one game. The entire rally itself is the climax, there’s no end point. But it brings me back to the same conclusion – that a man will always retire from the rally before a woman – thus, the potential of extending that rally always exists – It is like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle – you can either quantify the number of orgasms or prolong one as long as possible – you can never do both.

So – in an ideal world – a threesome would always involve MMF – unlike all male fantasies when a threesome is MFF, one woman giving a blowjob while you eat another and so on. That isn’t how an ideal threesome would work. An ideal threesome would work – only 2 people first – one male player retires for a game and the other takes over (since men can play directly without foreplay) – and maybe when the other retires, the first again takes over. It would be a matter of preference whether all three would be together in a room or separate – it would depend on jealousy and disgust and a lot of factors – but I wouldn’t be surprised if a woman, any woman, totally aroused, could last for 3 or 4 games in a single set before losing that sense of exhilaration or pleasure in playing another game.

Could she?