We are two abysses.

A well staring at the sky.

Mirroring it, in the only way it can.

The more you soar, the higher you fly, the better you get, the deeper I will dig into myself.

And a deep well only gets darker, but it has the confidence of mirroring clear blue sky carrying it along.

That’s the only way I can keep up.

They say there are two ways to reach infinity from zero on the number line.

One infinity. Two opposite directions.

Never shall they meet. Yet they shall reach together – if you think about it, there’s no difference between two sets of infinities. There’s an infinity of numbers between zero and one. There’s an infinite number of prime numbers. And there are infinite numbers. All infinities, albeit of different sizes but proudly carrying one name.

If excellence that comes naturally to you doesn’t bless me, I shall chase absurdity. If brilliance doesn’t cast a shadow on me, I shall go and touch depravity.

When dark clouds in the sky, sooner or later, will obstruct my view, I shall rejoice in their reflection in me. If the brilliant blue blinds me, I shall offer you black to keep up the contrast. I shall keep digging in the confidence that your vastness covers my pettiness, your invincibility makes up for my vulnerability, that when you need to rain, I shall be deep enough to contain every drop within me.

But I shall not slow down. I shall not back down. I shall keep up.

And maybe as you get higher and higher, maybe when you leave dust and gravity and atmosphere behind, maybe you will force me to dig so deep, that I shall find crystal clear water from the bowels of the earth.

Maybe that will quench my inexcusable thirst.

For you. For everything that you think. For everything that touches you. For everything that makes up what is you.

Everything that I am looking for – I shall have to find within myself.

And I will.