Were numbers always there out there somewhere before we discovered them? Or did we end up inventing them? Are they real? Is two of something really two or is two just a number? 

What about the laws of physics? 

What about phrases that seem so natural that you wonder why didnt you ever use them before? Were they already out there before they were brought to your notice? Or are they fresh off the oven for you and you alone to savour at will? 

What about sadness? Loneliness? Boredom? Anticipation? 

Did these exist before we did? 

If you had to vote for one, which would you say did? 

My vote is for loneliness. The biggest unanswered question in the universe is why is there anything at all? A singularity existing before the big bang could have existed forever and ever outside space and time? Why did it take the effort to turn into you and me and the stars and the flowers? 

Because, maybe like you and me, it was lonely. 

Lonelines can be an answer to a lot of questions. Can’t it?