Suddenly she laughs out aloud.

“Look at you, you horny man, you are so aroused. I can feel it from here.

“Aren’t you?”

“To be honest, not really. Women do not get aroused so easily, hasn’t your wife taught you that?”

“Is it me? Ok then. I know. I know. If it were going to happen, it would have in all these years. Sorry for trying that then, I got a bit carried away and thought this was finally my lucky day.”

I know I look utterly crestfallen, but what’s the point in hiding it? What’s the point of anything at all? Not as if a courageous confident me would suddenly turn her on.

“Hahahaha. Look at your face now.” She again laughs that laugh which I love so much, but it just annoys me right now. I suddenly feel a surge of malice, seeing a universe in front of my eyes in which our roles are reversed, where I am not the one always begging.

She looks around at the conference table, the chair, the sliding partition, the door which I have locked from inside. Clues of my intent everywhere, but all intent, no execution, is it going to be? Again?

“Does no one ever come here? Its so nicely done.”

Oh I use it a couple of weekends in a month at the most.”

“Then why do you keep it? Pay so much rent, maintain it so well.”

“Maybe I kept it for an occasion like this?”

Again that laugh. I want to say something which hurts her, a comeback which feels snappy and snarky and edgy, but maybe I don’t find something to say, maybe something in the way she is looking around holds me back.

“Ok. Maybe ummmm…. stay where you are, don’t come any nearer.”

I look up in surprise, to see her unbuttoning the top two buttons of her shirt slowly. She holds my gaze once she is done unbuttoning, and her hands hold its edges while she raises it almost over her head, giving me an eyeful of her body, her navel and glimpses of her purple bra.

Suddenly the motion stops.

“On second thoughts, i should ask you what you want. You have a choice.”

“What choice? A man never has a choice when such a desirable woman is undressing in front of him.”

“No. You do.”

“You can have one of the two. Lets play kbc”, she says, again with that laugh.

“Look or touch. One of the two.”

“What do you mean?”

“Consider this my gift to you. One time offer. I can either undress in front of you in a way which will drive you crazy. Or. Or. Or I can fuck your brains out but you cant get a glimpse of what’s going on, you cant touch me, grab me, kiss me, or do anything at all. I might remain fully clothed, i might be naked, i might enjoy, i might not, you will never know.”

“Are you crazy? Am i dreaming? And you aren’t even aroused, why would you do it?”

“No, boy – consider you won a lottery. No questions. Maybe its pity, maybe i AM turned on, maybe i am just fucking with your head. But be quick. Which ticket are you going to pick?”