I don’t stop. I let my hands roam all over her body while she decides what to do, and keep kissing her on her shoulders. She’s wearing a purple bra, and its the first time in my life I have seen her bra strap, let alone kiss it.

I run my fingers straight through inside her dress following the outline of her bra, while looking straight at her when she realises this is finally happening and decides to grab my wrist.

I resist. I push on. She fights back. She makes her grasp stronger.

I kiss her neck and her face. She pushes away my head with the other hand.

I tell myself what all men always tell themselves when they are turned on as fuck and there’s someone they have terribly desired nearby.

She wants it as much as I do, I shouldn’t stop.

No I just cant stop now, she will relent in just a minute.

But I have been brought up right, so inspite of all the rage and the lust rising in me like bile, I stop. I move away from her and thump down in the seat next to her.

We wordlessly wait for the next cue.