We could have done all this small talk sitting at home instead of driving around.

Yes. Or texted each other.

Yeah, somehow when we are alone, I have a feeling we are wasting valuable time.

Time not doing what? I look straight at her and hold her gaze.

This. She holds my gaze and takes my hand in hers, and gently caresses it.

I slow down, lean over to her side and attempt to kiss her, she turns away and my lips brush her ears and her hair.

She laughs and holds my fingers tighter, while resting them now in her lap.

I can feel her thighs through her hands, through her dress.

I lean over and kiss her on the lips and this time she doesn’t turn away.

We kiss and we kiss and we kiss and her hands hold one of mine all the time while they take it to strange places.

I am in no mood for foreplay or teasing. Or maybe I knew all the time what I was doing and where I was driving because suddenly I find myself near an empty office of mine which I use rarely, which is locked with no staff, no cctv and I have the key.

I park the car, push her hand away and walk without looking back.

She follows. In the elevator. To the 4th floor.

I unlock the office. She waits. We enter. I switch on all the lights. The air conditioner. Nonchalantly. She looks around and takes a seat.

I lock the door from the inside. Suddenly I am glad I got fitted a double sided lock.

I walk behind her, wrap my arms around her, and wordlessly start kissing her neck.

She just sits there like a statue, maybe unsure of what she wants to do. To let me, to let go, to resist, to pretend this isn’t happening at all. She knows it will only need a flinch or a stern glance to stop me.

4 options. I am aching. Hungry. Desperate.

Is she?