Could you live with your life set on airplane mode?

Could you give it a real shot?

Just sit. With no room to stretch your legs or lie down for what seems like ever and ever and ever.

No sunshine. The tiny window to look at the outside world pulled down.

No world. No beautiful thoughts. No imagination. Just entertainment.

No mirror to take a peek in and know.

Nothing. No joy, no sound of ringing laughter.

Forever. Ever and ever and ever.

A tedious never ending wait. Nothing else. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Would you see yourself as a plant that only feeds itself when the sun shines, and just curls up upon itself when there’s night?

Would you see yourself as anything at all? Anyone else at all?

If someone asks you who are you, would you answer from the core of your being –

I am nothing. No one. Zero.

Nothing in the literal word. No thing. No thought. No beauty. Not-there. Like a coked out teenager staring at the black board with glassy eyes.

I am just the one who waits.