I promise myself i shall wake up to see the stars at 2 am, this likely being the only clear night in the whole journey. My amateur photographer friend with the fancy dslr has brought a tripod and we both are planning to shoot the milky way. I snuggle into the sleeping bag, taking care to push my feet right against fabric so as to not leave any pockets of cold air inside and attempt to sleep but it’s difficult to differentiate between sleep and wakefulness. Often i hear the snores of my tent partner which i interpret as a sign that i am awake but then aren’t i dreaming at the same time, dreaming vividly of my daughter and dreaming of writing the dream down with the snores as background music but who cares what is happening to me as long as i am not feeling cold. I toss and turn inside the sleeping bag and glance at the time, it’s still 2 hours to the milky way sighting but am i not at home with my daughter jumping on me oh dear did she fall down no no i am inside the tent i remember the stars and suddenly the stars are right with me inside my sleeping bag, the milky way in its entirety and to think i wanted to go out in this freezing cold so it just came here for me to cuddle with me i hold it tight and who’s calling me loudly and clearly at this hour could it be really the voice i haven’t ever heard call my name aloud who would have thought no it’s the milky way isn’t it so incredibly bright and brilliant and beautiful i’ve seen her for the first time no way i am opening my eyes i hold her tight it’s finally come sleep and i remember I’ve to wake up at 4 so i am not letting her go, I’ve only 2 hours will they be enough? 

I tried to wake you up you idiot you missed the chance. 

Did i?