I wonder why even married people go to prostitutes. 

Don’t say prostitutes, say whores. I agree – but i see why they do. They don’t get what they want at home. 

What else they’d want except sex? 

Power. Control. The primitive feeling of being a man. But i think it’s possible in a monogamous relationship too, isn’t it? Say once a year. On your partner’s birthday. I’d love to have a personal whore in my birthday. 

But you do have me. We have sex on your birthday, especially what you like, everytime, don’t we? 

Yes. I do. But you know how it is. It’s consensual. It’s planned. It’s not at unexpected times, at unexpected places. I have to take care whether you enjoy it or not. I have to please you too in bed. I have to take care of what i say for fear of being misunderstood or being thought of as selfish. A personal whore would have no such encumbrances. 

As in? Go on. 

As in i could call you whatever terrible thing i want to call you for that day. Anything at all, and you would know it means nothing, just a turn on for me.. 

No. Name it. 

Arrey. Anything. Darling. Bitch. Jaan. Jaanu. Babe. Honey. Dear. Slut. Whore. Dearest. Beta. Call you by the thousand nicknames i have for you. Whatever the fuck strikes my mind. 

Haha are you mad? For example? 

For example you could be in the kitchen and i could say darling it’s time for a fuck, bend over. And you would just do it, or atleast delude me that my saying that turned you on. Or i would say aren’t we being a bitch by putting on too many clothes today? Take them off and he a whore for me and roam around naked while i watch. And you’d happily comply. That’s the only thing men get from whores that they don’t get from their wives, the power to fulfill mad wishes which a sane partner would never allow to. 

Or? What else would you say or have me do? 

Oh say I’ve to go to work and i’d text you in an angry tone – where’s the tit view for this hour or why aren’t you playing with your pussy and sending me a picture. You get the idea, right? 

Yes but it would never work. We would carry it to the next day. 

Why would we if we take it as a game? As a roleplay? Oh i could tell you to call me daddy that day or tell you to whisper fuck me right now in the workplace – it wouldn’t mean i am in incest, it just would mean i want something new to get me high as never before without cheating on my partner. 

I’d know what you would say. Half the time would be wasted in telling me to get down on my knees and suck cock wherever we are. 

Oh but i would return the favour on your birthday, we would just exchange roles – you could call me a good-for-nothing-cock or tell me to forego my actual meal and eat pussy all day. Or if words aren’t your thing, you could not say a single word and just point at my cock and i would get naked and erect for you for as many times in a day you want. 10 orgasms back to back if you want. 

So you mean one person has all the control for a day! 

Yes. And especially the opposite of regular. If i am the gentle type, i would be rough. If you are the dominating type, you would be submissive. Or vice versa. Something like that.

Let’s see. Next birthday we shall have to plan a one day holiday. 

Let’s do a minor rehearsal this time. What say?