Your best friend has become our enemy my dearest he isn’t your best friend, trust me it feels nice and easy to surrender to him all day and night but trust us when you grow older you will realise that the easiest paths are always wrong Tolkien said that short cut make for long delays maybe you will read him for yourself but i doubt it children of readers are never readers but as someone says you’ll do what you’ll do just don’t make this lethargy this sleep this laying in silence all day all night till we disturb you your best friend my darling let’s play Papa tell me a story papa tell me a story once there was a hare beta who went to sleep during his race with the tortoise and so the tortoise won the race but everyone has been fooled by this story so far what’s one race got to do with life my chhotu after the race was over they took off the hare’s fireman’s helmet and gave it to the tortoise because wasn’t the tortoise now the fastest new hero in town but even a month hadn’t passed when there was a large fire in the jungle the tortoise was too slow off the blocks he couldn’t warn the animals to jump in the water the hare would have saved all of them he was slow in that race cos there was nothing to win for him there but now he ran he ran he ran he always kept running in his life because he slept just once so beta don’t sleep wake up let’s play dearest i know nothing happens with everyone everyone’s kids get sick it’s nothing it’s nothing but no one taught us parenting we are learning on the job we are learning to worry, we learning to not worry we are learning to strike a balance we are learning to laugh loudly and make funny faces while silently worriedly holding each other’s hands behind your back wondering whether this medicine will stay down or come up again we are learning to hide our worry from our best friends because worry beggers worry doesn’t it and we know you by the time it’s evening you will be playing again i won’t complain if you keep me up all night to play get well get well embrace the light in your eyes which you so much hate these days let’s play let’s play.