A door marked pull which you think you are supposed to push but it just slides open at its own volition and shuts without notice. 

A totally transparent glass door which deludes you into thinking you can see everything inside but realise too late it’s a mirror. 

A traffic light which shows all three colours at the same time and blinks randomly till you are color blind only to find out it was a strobe and you were supposed to dance. 

A secret which says there is no secret except the one you entrust to her. 

An eye which notices and captures resonantly that which is right in front of everyone but not obvious and ignores what is blatant blasphemy. 

The biggest gift given to you which seems like a curse till you know better through heartbreak and hell. 

Contradictions only exist in presence of suppositions. Otherwise there are just positions which you will die to know but never get to see. 

Say never. Say it again and again. Curse it to death. Break each letter into tiny atoms and lock it up in schrodingers box and pray they form something else this time.