Everyday in some way or the other is a battle to be fought. Coelho called it fighting the good fight.

The wise ones say the key is to choose your battles carefully..

Do not get into battles you know you cannot win.

You are you, a knife carrying soldier in infantry in the age of cavalry. By the time you put all your effort in becoming part of a decent enough cavalry with a flaming sword, the age of precision laser guided guns is upon you where soldiers wear bullet proof vests and sport an automatic weapon as a spare skill. By the time you get your own gun, there are people who have moved on and learnt to master drones.
Your every effort is met by a wall. A wall you chose to scale, a wall your peers scale with a hop step and a jump, a wall you climb halfway before the fingers refuse to hold on to the edge for even one more second. You get down, become a bit stronger, and learn to scale that wall, but now the wall has turned into a wave which you have no training surfing over, the struggle begins all over again.

There’s no denying defeat. Everywhere you look, whatever you want, however strong your will, however sincere your effort. Every defeat drives in one more nail deep in your gut, bleeding you where no one can see. Every victory being an invitation to fight again, till, unsurprisingly, an inevitable defeat.

Why not make this, today, the very last defeat this very moment? Why not turn around, look at all the mountains scaled and say – enough? Why not keep walking in the territory you know like the back of your hand? Why keep at it? Why chase after increasingly unattainable unicorns laden with glittering diamonds you desperately crave but categorically know were never yours? Why chase after any unicorn at all? Why always have things to do and promises to keep and people to become when the one word that keeps coming back every time thrown hard at the wall is never?

Why bother? Why play at all? Life never is a beautiful stroll in a heavenly meadow but attempting to flower the desert with all your might has given you the calming shade of a single tree with deep roots and a strong trunk to rest your head on, and a couple of flowers to die for. There’s nothing else for miles and miles and miles and miles. What is, isn’t there to stay and never will be.

Why bother walking anymore in the heat?