You can never be satisfied with just one woman in your entire life, can you? 

I am just honest about it – I am sure most people are like me. Aren’t you? Don’t you get turned on by random strangers or people you know? 

I don’t – at least not as often as you. 

But don’t you even wonder what it would be like to be touched by another man? To be kissed by another man, to let someone else’s eyes roam all over you, to see someone else scream with ecstasy and know that it is YOU who is responsible for that ecstasy? 

Normal people don’t think of such things dear. Most people don’t even talk of these things with their partners – if they found someone else fuckworthy. 

They are cowards. Most people get by in life by lying to themselves, and they do that by not listening to themselves – they are too lazy to find out what makes them really happy – so they have to end up doing a load of things which aren’t even necessary to be happy – go watch a movie in a theatre, for example. Anyway, forget that. I have you na. Remember our favourite song from college days – Anytime you want to, you can turn me on to, anything you want to, Anything at allll…. 

What do you mean? 

Why can’t you be anyone else today? 

Haha who do you want me to be? A nurse or something? 

No. I am talking about something even more real. Someone from our real life. In fact, ANYONE from our real life. Any friend’s wife who turns me on, let it be your best friend. My ex. Our daughter’s school teacher. The teenager who turns me on. Can you be anyone of these? Can you be everyone of these? 

Are you crazy? 

Why not? You are such a good actress – can’t you, for an hour, be someone else? Change your name, change your mannerisms, change your way of lovemaking? We can pretend how she would be in bed the way you be in bed – you can like different things than you normally do. You can be loud, you can be utterly silent, you can bite – anything at all. And I can do the same for you. 

Are you crazy? I am not calling you by the name of people we meet daily. It’s too embarrassing. 

Arrey, it will be fun. It’s just you and me – you and me. Ok let’s start easy. One person, one night a week. We’ll move from the past to the present. Name a boy in college you fancied. 


Haha yes I was thinking of bhalla too. He was such a stud – it won’t be real if I try and be him, no? And couldn’t you choose someone who spelt better though? 

I’ve made my choice. I knew you would chicken out. It’s easy to say, tough to do. 

No. I am not going to chicken out. Let’s get you fucking bhalla and screaming his name today. Switch of the lights, I shall be back in ten. And remember, I won’t be me.