Do you read the silences correctly?

I know you do.

But let me pretend for a moment, you don’t.

Let me spell it out in a tongue you wont get.

When you aren’t here, here, where you so often are, where I put you when I don’t know where else to go, you aren’t not here.

Its exactly the opposite.

There’s too much of you here, so much that it could spill out and colour your clothes with dark green.

The kind of green that could easily make me blue.

And sometimes. the kind that makes me red.

But I packed away the blue. I tied it up with a heavy stone and sank it deep in the ocean where only you can find it, I cannot.

And the red keeps the blood in my veins flowing. When there’s no red, I become half the man I can be. Red blows me away, red brings me together. Red plays with my breath like a fucking flute.

But you cant see that, can you? You aren’t allowed to.

So I hide you away in white. Where you can’t see your presence as a reflection of mine.

So I write you in nothingness. When you are everywhere, I get to pretend you are nowhere.

Lets hide away the gory colours that give everything away.

Lets play with invisible ink.