Just what is it about sleep that it never infests two people simultaneously? Either he would stay awake till the date turned watching her sleep peacefully or he would snore away without even bothering to change his work clothes while she would toss and turn trying to exhaust her monthly mobile data on Netflix. One of the two. Never both awake. Never both asleep.

Today was the former. They were watching a silly movie together, one earphone each when midway, when the couple onscreen were singing and kissing, she silently took it, handed it to him and rolled over. He, suddenly overcome by a ravishing hunger, switched off the gadget and raided the refrigerator for his favourite snack, a cheese cube, already a rendezvous foaming in his head.

Have you noticed that the time it takes one to actually fall into a deep sleep from a state of full awareness is less than half a minute? A minute ago, you’d be awake and then you’d never even recall when it was finally that you fell deeply into a slumber? And if you miss that moment, when you would have instantly fallen asleep, you are destined to struggle, picking up the phone, trying to find something interesting, but not so interesting that it would keep you awake, a blue glow engulfing the space above your eyes till it doesnt?

Long story short, by the time he was back, she was snoring away to glory.

Nooooo!! A voice screamed in his head.

Wake her up! A vestige of a voice whispered to counter his disappointment.

When they were younger, he remembered how he would ask her to sleep with a negligee on so that he could just watch her sleeping. For hours and hours, he’d rest his head on her elbow, nap, wake up, soak his eyes, count his blessings at the tantalizing beauty in front of him, like a half unwrapped candy. He’d run the tips of his fingers over her thighs, sometimes trace her lips, before falling asleep again, sometimes hugging her tightly, sometimes spooning her. But he’d never wake her up for a fuck, he’d never get himself off, he’d deny the pleasure so that it would multiply the next time.

Today was different. He was going to wake her up.

He gently got behind her, spooned her, nestling his dick in her ass, his hands wrapped around her waist, slowly sliding below her top and feeling the border of her bra. Fuck why do they have metal in a bra? Can’t it always be soft and non-existent?

Now was the time she’d toss or turn a bit. He slowly started dry humping her ass. Slowly, rhythm building up while his hands started roaming over her body, slowly creeping inside her pajamas.

Nothing. No movement. Snoring.

He turned her over and gently pushed away her top exposing her bra to his gaze and his hands. Nothing. Snoring away.

Next were the pjs. They had to go. He tugged at them gently, expecting she was half awake and would either grab his hand and stop him or raise her back and help him take them off.

Consent or denial. Give me something, he said in his head.

No response. But they were off. Here was she, in her bra and panties, her skin soft to touch, and oh so enticing. He suddenly felt 10 years younger, sporting a massive erection at the jumbling up of sight and memory and sensation.

There was only one thing to do now. There was no stopping, no looking back now. There was only 1 way to wake her up if she was not awake already.

Her body was crying out to him for an orgasm. He could feel her breath getting deeper, her chest heaving ever more so slightly, her breathing now slightly more audible while his tongue licked quick short circles around her nipples.

It was the sign he needed.

In a flash, her panties were off, near her ankles and his fingers had gone to work on her clit the way he knew she loved. It wasn’t more than a minute before he could feel it hardening, before he knew she would like him now to go down on her, do with his mouth what he was doing with his fingers.

Ahhh. She was faster than a man today. It’s a generalization that men come very fast while women take ages to warm up. He could keep going every time till she would say come now, come fast! but today, maybe today would be different. 

She was faster than a man, he could feel her thighs tightening, locking his face into her, going into a spasm, while she let out an audible moan, and just like that, her body turning utterly limp.

Maybe she was awake now. Certainly, she was awake now.

He lifted himself up to her face and whispered – pretend you are asleep. Don’t move at all today or make a noise. I want to fuck a sleeping woman today.

She gave a subtle, almost impercetible nod, or was it his imagination, but when he looked back, her legs were spread welcomingly.

Fucking a woman who wouldn’t move at all, who wouldn’t moan, who wouldn’t respond, who wouldn’t cry out, who wouldn’t ask for it, who wouldn’t whisper “fuck me harder” in his ear, who wouldn’t bite his shoulder, to choose the tempo, in-out-slowwww-in again-now faster – now crazy.

He would come really quickly today as if he was masturbating. What was it, this?

No he wouldnt. He would savour it as long as he could before collapsing on her.

It was a new form of heaven.