Such a fat lazy fellow sitting on its bum the whole day, unable to drag it’s own ass faster than an inebriated senile ant.

Barely moving. Panting and breathless with each step it takes, the obese sloth.

Turn around. Pretend to not notice it. Don’t look, don’t look. It’s nothing to look at when it’s crawling on the floor without any fucking self respect.

Don’t look don’t look. Give me more give me more it shall beg, and you shall keep giving it whatever it wants, keep filling it with the goodies of the world and yet – it shall become ever more slothful. You eat right, sleep early so that it becomes nimble and fit yet it shows no sign of shedding flab. It quietly puts on new clothes everyday and yet, barely moves its ass.

Don’t look at it for an instant. It will only revive dead old patterns of need and demand. You know what it will say – what you do not want to hear.

Where’s my charioteer? I want to gallop today. I want to see if I still have wings. I am tired of being a snail, let me be a falcon again. 

Grow your own, you useless dunce. I ain’t going to get anything for you.