Is knowing someone knowing how they would react? Or is it more? How can I be sure that my red is your red? How can I transmit what I see to you as accurately as possible? How can you actually KNOW what I feel, what I see, what I touch, how cold I feel when cold air touches my skin? Can you quantify the anger that rides me when I don’t get what I want or the lust that I feel when I see something utterly fascinating in you which I have never had even once in my life? Is there one moment in which I can just say THAT and you’d know exactly how I feel, down to the last breath, to the last thought in my head, to the exact way I lie on my bed?

I think there is. It’s the moment after you come in someone else. It’s the moment after your brains have been fucked out. It’s the moment when nothing left in your tank, literally and figureatively.

That moment is the same, not just across individuals, but across animals too. It’s the primordial moment.

Between a whore and a princess, a nobody and a murderer, a bored housewife and her 21 year old self getting a dick inside her for the first time and coming together for the second. Between a couple who fucks once a week or less to a couple who can go three times in a night after 10 years of togetherness.

So if you want to transcend boundaries, literally transfigure into someone else, anyone else – get laid properly.

Because at that moment you can be anyone you want to. You can be with anyone you want to. Literally lying next to them. You can walk into anyone’s dream.

And you won’t be deceiving yourself.