Someone once asked me at work how old are you? You don’t look experienced enough, they joked.

I was tempted to answer I am old enough that I could legally see Kate winslet’s tits on the big screen wearing just a bracelet when it happened. Red pubic hair have always fascinated me since. And the desire to see a woman’s pussy without any pubic hair was born then. With Kate winslet.

But one has to maintain a straight face at work and not joke, nor let the shoulders droop on a bad day.

I just smiled and shrugged.

What’s the secret to appearing so young?? They persisted.

I was again tempted to give them what is the one correct answer.

I was tempted to say I know someone who has found the secret. What keeps one looking always young, day after day, year after year.

Do you know what it is?

Relentless kindness. Without exception.

That’s the answer. That’s one thing that cannot be faked. Politeness can be. I detest polite people. But this cant. It’s either part of your being or it isnt. When you remain kind to yourself and to another, regardless of the day, the white in your eyes always stays white. It never turns yellow. They think it’s food or its health. It isnt.

No wonder a lot of people age prematurely.