the disappointment that spans acres and acres lined up from the past to the future reaching the moon i have desire the size of a church which has withstood thunderous typhoons but there’s no god to pray to anymore inside the light diffracts from the stained glass windows but there’s nothing to illuminate nothing beautiful nothing ugly or terrifying just mediocrity a chain which i have tried to cast off day after day after day with all my might look at the bruises that have turned me ugly in the reckless chase but it just tightens around my neck while the bus that carries me hares along the interminable fields i cant see, those acres and acres desolate and barren but i cannot look away i cannot get off i am the bus and a moment comes when i am about to fall off and soundlessly crash but there’s nothing to crash into its all flat uncharacteristic unremarkable come on steep your voice in venom i like it that way deconstruct everything sweet brick by stone by grass by leaf change into a wooden tree with deep roots right in the path of the bus that is me let me crash take the momentum in your being let my charred pieces rest under its shadow i know you wont burn or scratch i trust your brute strength but let me.