I remember once i stopped the bike in the middle of nowhere to show you the stars.

There wasn’t a soul in sight but it wasn’t lonely at all.

On the contrary, you and me expanded and filled every inch of the space so much so that anyone watching from those stars would have been dazzled by the luminescence of the two piercing specks of light that formed you and me.

Is it just me or did they seem to dance enchanted by our presence?

Did they line up one after the other often tumbling into one another to catch a glimpse of two beings being all they could ever be?

Who it was that said that sometimes it seems that everything exists in the universe so that sentient beings can appreciate the wonder?

It certainly seemed that way that day. Didn’t it? Our gravity enough for everything around the universe to orbit around us and us alone?

We pulled at each other and everything got pulled at us.

Do what you want with me you said.

I the prankster tickled you till you doubled up on the ground in agony or was it unbearable joy?

Is there a difference?

Is there one in that day and today? Time is just made of nows. We made our nows bigger than we made ourselves.

Sing me a song today while i lie in your lap.

Let the voice i love get the stars lined up again. This time to hear the sound they were created to hear.

Of us. Old horses. Running new races which often seem beyond them everyday.

But who never fail to cross the finish line, do they?