If you take a strong twig and bend it in one stroke, it snaps into two with a snap.

The key to bending it is to be gentle.

First a tiny bend with just enough force you would use to bend a blade of grass.

Then keep bending and unbending it at the same point exactly in its centre.

Incremental. Never too much.

Just slightly more than the previous time.

A little bit more.

Once. Twice. Thrice.

Keep at it. And soon the wood turns into pulp.

Now you can bend it into two, naah you can fold it like you would fold paper.

At will.

The magical thing is that now it cannot break even if you try to with all your might.

Or atleast it won’t break by bending anymore for now it has become a part of its self, it is no longer a twig, it is a bent twig.

Now you shall have to twist it.

Twist and pull.

Again. And again.

Feel the life sap that made it strong leaching on your fingers.

Don’t stop now. Keep twisting and pulling.

What’s the worst that can happen? A few scratches on the pad of your index finger. Nothing more.

It will give in.

Things always give in.

You only need to know how to inflict pain and not notice it.