Don’t believe yourself. Don’t believe in yourself.

Believe in the me that believes in you.

For once.

Trust my delusions unquestioningly.

See the you that you could see if you weren’t you.

For once when the choice is being happily grounded on earth and clumsily tackily vulnerably flying naked from nowhere to nowhere, choose flight only because i say so.

Because i can see the wings that you pretend do not exist.

The wings that you say so many people have but pretend to not see they are merely flapping appendages for vanity while you pretend those feathers are just skin.

It will be ugly. It will be draining. It may be a humongous failure. You might crash with broken feet and hate me but i am willing to stake me for what i see.

Will you always remain a playground bully playing on swings and smiling on roundabouts and falling and getting a scratch here and there? Will you not aim for the gladiator arena and get bowled while aiming for the stands?

Will you never reach within by scratching your skin so deep that you bleed and it hurts?

Will you settle for mere happiness and let the chance of immortality pass you by?

A long shot by any standards is still a shot. Most people don’t have a gun, let alone loaded with what’s stuffed in you in tonnes.

Take the damn shot, damn you.

Kill me.