Tie you up? Really? I thought that wasn’t your sort of thing.

It isn’t yours. I don’t know whether it’s mine or not. So do it.

No.. Just the hands aren’t enough. The feet and the eyes too. Use the dupattas.

I am not at all a dominating type of person dear…

Well you are today. Start gently though.

Noooo… That’s too gentle.

Still too gentle…

Oh god. Yes that’s better.


Come here… and with that she started biting me as hard as she could. Biting my ears, biting my face, my lips, the back of my neck. I think my lips started bleeding and i let out an involuntary cry.

This turned her on even more.

I decided to return the favour. I couldn’t make out whether she was moaning in pleasure or screaming in pain but by this point i was beyond caring.

I have been a father, a husband, a friend, a lover. After a long long time, i felt like something else. A man. With immense power over another person. With an ability to hurt and the will to use it.

Fuck me.

Wait. I want to do something else first.

If you are a man reading this, i am sure you have got a blow job to completion. But have you ever fucked a woman in her mouth in missionary position the way you fuck her in her pussy? Have you sprayed cum all over her nipples when you finally come? And without waiting, have you changed position and given her what she was begging for – the fuck of her life?