Edit: This is the sad terrifyingly helpless reality of the country we live in. Its a terrifying watch, but I urge you to watch it so that we have no pretences about our country anymore.

The Bangalore molestation which didn’t even surprise me anymore, which, if you want to clutch at straws, was less in scale than the Cologne tragedy of last new year, supposedly in one of the safest cities in India, leaves one with just one conclusion if you are a woman.

Every man is a Schrodinger’s rapist. Till he is in the closet, it is impossible to know whether he is a molester or not. He might be a perfectly nice man, for THAT moment, for THAT woman or he may be not.

It makes sense to treat each man as one especially if you are in a public place. Whether he looks like one or looks like a perfectly nice chap is actually immaterial.

You could argue that these are one-offs and that most men, on the whole, are nice. But take me for an example. There’s probably just one person who knows how lustful I am in my head. If not for the societal checks and balances, who knows what would i be. If say i was in the SS army with freedom to do with any woman as i pleased.

And i am supposedly a model citizen for the rest of the people. It’s true, if i were caught in a mob harassing and groping women, i would, without hesitation, do whatever i could to prevent it with little concern for personal safety. But is it because i am moral and ethical or is it because, say molestation and groping and non-consent aren’t just my thing, just like say writing or reading erotica wouldn’t be a thing for some extrovert?

Isn’t it scary to be a woman in a public place? I’d say – the only safe way is to earn fuck loads of money – so that you never have to mingle with the crowds or go in a bheed.

That’s the only way out.